Self portrait as a pear

Self Portrait as Bad Weather

Self Portrait as Bad Weather


John BrosioOctopus, 1991. Oil on board, 15 x 15.


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Drawing on the Couple app.

Here is my new sculpture of an octopus. It is inspired by the photos above. I wanted to focus on the textures and shape of the skin, suckers and head but make it abstracted in some way. This is now waiting to be biscuit fired and I am looking forward to experimenting with glazes and doing something really colourful with this.

I am also working on a puffer fish design which is a companion to this.

A post to herself for Noriko Kuresumi because her work is beyond amazing and makes me delirious. I’m new to ceramics but this gives me something to aspire to!!

Some inspiring examples of sea-inspired ceramics:

Ikuko Iwamoto

Marietta Theodorou-LeMieux

Nuala O’Donovan

Mairi Stone

Wanda Fiscina

Kristin Brown

Avril James

Valeria Nascimento

Jackie Giron

Here are some artists doing lovely things inspired by coral.

The first is Helle Jorgensen (look at her blog, it is beautiful)

The other two are Etsy artists Shayna Pitch and Tamara Brooks.

I am working on some sea related ceramic sculptures. I saw an artist call for exhibition entries for a maratime themed show and it gave me the idea. I’m not sure if I will enter anything yet but it has been fun to have a theme. I have started work on octopus and puffer fish figures (and photos will follow). I love the texture of these corals and think they would work so well with clay. So I’m posting these pictures as inspiration which may lead on to some ceramic tiles.

Political baddies Illustrations: Kim Jong Il, Benjamin Netanyahu, Dragan Todorovic & Mohamed Morsi.